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Bringing home the apples

Bringing home the apples
I woke up on Sunday morning with some really stiff tired legs and this fantastic trophy sat on the kitchen table. It lead me to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t all a dream..

It turns out that 10KM is actually 6.2 Miles!

New runner, and MapMyMarathon guest blogger, Nicky Talbot tells us about her experience of the Run Norwich 10K - from first motivation and the training, through to race day and 'what next'. In her own words, 'this running thing gets rather addictive'

How to both win and come last in the Pilgrim Challenge Ultra is not always about the fastest finish time, it is sometimes just about getting to the finish line!

Pilgrim Challenge

Ultra Runner, and MapMyMarathon guest blogger, Viv Toms tells us about her experience of running The Pilgrim Challenge - a 66 Mile | 2 day Ultra Challenge. This time she didn’t only complete it – she won her age category (a round of genuine applause please!) and came last - both at the same time! How you ask?...well, this blog is about getting to the finish line and not worrying about the finish time. A great spirit Viv!

Plod with the Dog!

Runner, and MapMyMarathon guest blogger, Vanessa Scott tells us about one of her favourite running partners - Austin. Austin (Vanessa's Tibetan Terrier) makes a great running partner, not least because he is great at chasing squirrels, knows the rabbit hang-outs and likes the odd roll in cow ****, but also because Austin is a plodder - he never questions or compares, and he has never heard of Strava.

All things Brighton Beautiful at The Brighton Marathon

Marathon runner, and MapMyMarathon guest blogger, Laura Froggatt tells us about her experience of the Brighton Marathon - everything from pre-event porridge, to feeling hot, hot, hot at the start line and the importance of keeping hydrated (especially on this particular day) and, of course, enjoying a post-marathon pint on the beach.