Plod with the Dog!

Guest Blogger: Vanessa Scott

Favourite running partners. 

Let me introduce Austin one of my favourite running partners

Austin is not a lean mean running machine. He’s a tubby black hairy pedigree Tibetan terrier often mistaken for a cocker poo who enjoys an ecstatic roll in cow shit! We know the common like the back of our hand. Every track, mud bath, slippery spot and the rabbit hang outs. The heather scent in late summer and the crisp frost of January. We know the summer pond . We run together, ha, not really, we plod!

 Not too serious and NO Strava segments!

" run” is serious business these days, super competitive on every level, from our designer leggings and latest trainers to that damn social platform where we must earn our kudos! Dogs make great running partners because we don’t fartlek, we squirrel chase. We don’t do intervals (why would you?) we dodge angry looking cows and we can always rely on an army training event to get us sprinting. God, how we laugh. There’s no strava segments (spare me), no course records broken (we walk the hills). Get out and enjoy the run that’s what we say.

Dogs make great running partners

Only last week after Austin’s epic long run (6 miles, he walks after that) I was thinking how my favourite runs are always with the dog and how I wish he had longer legs and would go a little further. He doesn’t moan about the drudge, he doesn’t time us (I do that) or compare me to the woman down the road, he is the best run companion ever and that is why dogs make great running partners.

We could talk about my multiple trail marathons, nutrition and track session (never) but why would we? I eat haribos and caramel waffles on a long run (when A is at home) and after his trot he enjoys a snack of cheese, and if it's hot then the plod has to include a water spot for a wallow (he doesn’t swim, he’s too cool for that).

That’s Austin and that’s why he is my favourite running partner!


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  • He’s a very cute running partner.


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