It turns out that 10KM is actually 6.2 Miles!


Guest Blogger: Nicky Talbot 

It turns out 10K is actually 6.2Miles! 

The Challenge

At the beginning of the year, deep in conversation with one of the Nancy Oldfield Trustees, the words “you know that running thing you do to get fit for skiing, how about doing the Run Norwich 10K in July for the Nancy Oldfield Trust?”.  As a leisurely jogger I mulled it over, thought, how far can it be, it’s for a great cause and it will really motivate me to get up, get going and seize the day.

The Distance

It turns out that 10K is actually 6.2 miles (as pointed out by son).  With my usual enthusiasm and research head on, I looked up websites about training programmes, what to eat, what kit you need  and how to keep going.  Most sites were indicating that, “many runners begin with a 5K race and then progress to the 10K race circuit,” I had never even done a 5K race, the couch to 5K or taken part in the local Park Run.  This was starting to get serious. 

The Training

So it was load up the app, Strava, start clocking up the Kms and pound the streets of Brundall.  Pre-ski hols, I managed 11 runs, 47.22 Kms – not bad for a first timer.  I was the quickest girl on the slopes with the stamina to dance the night away in the après bars.  The training had benefits.      

The Seasons

Morning was the best running time for me.  It started the day, helped concentration and created a get up and go approach to life.  I’ve had the pleasure of watching the seasons in the gardens of Brundall: snow drops, daffodils, bluebells, forget-me-nots and roses, all reasons for venturing out. 

The Park Run

Word got out that I was taking this seriously.  “Why not do a Park Run, get a feel for running with people, the thrill of the pre-race adrenalin and knowing your time, it will all help” were words from other fellow runners.  Somewhat nervously I made my way to Brundall Park Run on a coolish Saturday morning. What a welcome I received to an event that is supported by volunteers.  It really added to my race day preparation.

The Money

Sailing is one of my passions and the day I went to see the launch of the video "Broads National Parks - Access all areas", on the platform on Barton Broad made a great impression on me. The joy on a young girl's face who had suffered a brain injury, sailing across the Broad and whooping with delight was unforgettable.  The Nancy Oldfield Trust makes this happen, I wanted to support them.

Bearing this in mind, I have been truly humbled by the generosity of people including family, friends, sailors, skiers, and networks I mix in, that have led to a donation of just under £1600 be made to the Nancy Oldfield Trust.  Needless to say, they are delighted.

The Publicity

Through my position at the Broads Authority (Chair of the Navigation Committee), I asked for their  help with publicity of my run.  They sent out a number of press releases and I was supported by National Park sponsors Clif Bar, who provided me with their products to help fuel my training for the race.  I am grateful for their assistance.

The Race

After an early start, I was ably supported by my husband who dealt with logistics (finding a car park spot), comms  and PR (dealing with incoming texts, whats app well-wishers), diet, (cooking a light poached egg for breakfast), photography (dashing from one location to another) and fans (cheerers on the side lines). 

I tried to take in the atmosphere, the supportive crowd, the music, the water stations, the colourful spectators and wonderful locations but the race whizzed by with focus on the finish.  It was over all too quickly with the reception of a goody bag and the medal, but the sense of personal achievement, the feel-good factor and the quest for another challenge lives on. 

1KM to go

Name on the board

The Future

Enough said, I am looking forward to seeing Brundall in the autumn, the leaves changing and taking care when there is an early frost, as I will be out again.  This “running thing” gets compulsive. 

'I've done it!'  

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